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Oct 21

Ad: Banking Is Just Like Having an Orgasm

This looks exactly like a @beautiful_agony vid. - link:

The Czech bank Komerční Banka isn’t just “a universal bank providing a wide range of services in retail, corporate and investment banking”—it’s also a place where you can have satisfying sexual experiences, as this ad proves.

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Oct 14

Chewbacca’s Penis In “Star Wars XXX”

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Oct 06

Hope Solo Poses Nude

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Oct 05

Halloween vaginas

Fleshlight has released 4 special edition Halloween-themed toys.  

 The entire set is comprised of vaginas belonging to the following fictional beasts: a vampire, a cyborg, a zombie, a Frankenstein (that is, the vagina of the bride of Frankenstein), and an Alien. 


3D Penis will impregnate you.



Sep 26

Kirsten Dunst goes topless in Lars Von Trier’s new film Melancholia.

More screen shots here -

Sep 12

10 Penises People Actually Eat

god.  no.


Sep 08

The Irish Government Will Pay You $70 a Week to Learn to Vajazzle


The latest news is that the government will pay real money to learn how to stick fake jewels on lady’s naughty bits.

Gripped with high unemployment (especially among young men) the Irish government came up with JobBridge, the “National Internship Scheme.” That is its real name. It is an actual scheme! The government pays unemployed people $70 a week (on top of their unemployment benefits) to take an “internship” at a business. Since companies pay nothing for the extra “interns” they’re using them as a sort of slave labor and taking on new employees at no cost.

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Sep 07

Candice Swanepoel in Victoria’s Secret Sexy Little Fantasies Collection

Link: egotastic

Scientists Mystified by the Female Orgasm

photo: beautifulagony

After years of debate, and women just being, like, duh, scientists have finally come to agree that the female orgasm exists. And yet this poses an even more vexing question: Why? 

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