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Real life Russian Barbie



The Outdoor Co-Ed Topless Pulp Fiction Appreciation Society

This is totally a thing.

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5 Unsexy Things (Hollywood Has Tried to Make Us Think Are Sexy)

Hollywood is a sexy place. THIS MUCH WE KNOW. But to gain such a reputation, they’ve had to sex up some unsexy endeavors.


Black African-American Pin Up The Secret History

A Ten Part series on the Vintage Sleaze Blog by Jim Linderman answers the question. Were there any Black Pin Up Girls?     

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Lingerie Made From Soda Cans

Artist Ingrid Goldbloom Bloch makes armor-grade underwear and lingerie out of recycled soda cans and tabs, which she appropriately calls “Trashy Lingerie.” She also uses gutter guards, rivets, washers, and washing machine hose clamps from the hardware store to complete her creations.


The 11 Most Unlikely Sexual Fetishes

Are you in the market for a new sexual fetish? Here are some real, actual sexual fetishes to choose from that mostly involve just regular stuff that you can find around the house. Have fun, be safe, etc….

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Dr Ruth’s Hurricane Advice - “And please people, don’t do anything silly like going outside during hurricane to have sex. Tell u’re friends you did it, but don’t do it.” - @AskDrRuth
Lady Gaga bondage pics
Man Crashes Semi Into Adult Store to Steal an $800 Vagina

It was probably a little fancier than this. [source]

In the latest incident involving theft at the popular sex-stablishment, a man stole a semi and crashed it into the place, making off with a $800 “life-like masturbator complete with female genitalia with legs and buttocks.”

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Sex, Blood and Rock n roll

The first trailer for the upcoming zombie hunter slasher, Lollipop Chainsaw - A Sexploitation Zombie Video Game.